A woman seated on an airline, sleeping infant in her lap.

Tips for flying with an infant

Traveling with baby is a challenge for any parent. Flying with an infant can be that much more difficult; planning ahead becomes essential. Here are some infant travel tips for parents who would like to, at least, maintain the illusion that they are indeed flying the friendly skies. Make a list, check it twice Before
small business in America considerably affect business growths.

Small Businesses in America are Big

Small businesses in America represent 99.7 percent  of businesses in the United States and employ more than 55 million American citizens. So think of a collection of people that you know. Roughly nine out of every 10 people you know, or simply meet on a typical day, work for a small business in the United

The IRS could owe you $600 or more

Did you file a federal income tax return in 2008? If not, according to the IRS, you may have some extra cash coming your way. But you’d better claim it soon. Otherwise, Uncle Sam will put it back into his wallet. $1 billion in refunds left unclaimed The IRS said Thursday that it has $1

Getting a loan in the UK could require taking a test

In the United Kingdom, new rules are being considered that would make loans for anyone that may need extra cash a little more difficult. After the Learning and Skills Council discovered that 9 out of 10 customers couldn’t calculate basic financial numbers, ministers took note. Now, new regulations may require customers that need loans to
Open Enrollment

Open enrollment time for health insurance has come

Open-enrollment season is nearly over for most employer-sponsored health plans. It is the one chance for a year employees have to change their health insurance policies. If you get health insurance as a workplace benefit, it may be worth taking a close look at  your needs and your policy. And there’s no time to delay.
dog junk mail

Closing the flood gates on junk mail – Part 2

Junk mail costs the nation billions in waste disposal and it is on the increase, following a deal stuck between advertisers and the struggling U.S. Postal Service. However, steps can be taken to stem the flow of the unwanted mailings — to your mailbox at least. No junk mail websites The Kentucky newspaper the Hazard-herald
Roth 401K

Roth 401(k) conversion fiscal cliff silver lining

Amid tax hikes and continued uncertainty, some may find one financial golden nugget in the fiscal cliff mess. A new rule will allow many more U.S. workers to convert their 401(k) retirement account into a Roth 401(k). 401(k) vs. Roth 401(k) A Roth 401(k) differs from a traditional 401(k) in that contributions to the account

Back to school shopping season in full swing

Every year, parents all over the nation part with a lot of cash in order to supply their children with back to school supplies. The back to school shopping season this year is off to a good start. Retail sales spike as parents grab school goodies The first day of school is not far off
HR Block

Tax refund loans apparently back from the dead

As of last year, there weren’t going to be any refund anticipation loans or tax refund loans ever again, due to an extirpated IRS law. However, sometimes things do come back, as a new form of the loans are being offered by a number of tax preparation services. Refund loans supposed to have died thanks
A push lawnmower.

Saving money by using antiquated tools

Modern technology is supposed to make life easier, and sometimes, things go as planned. However, access to modern tech tends to come with a premium price. Whether you’re a Luddite or simply someone who is into saving money, using antiquated tools that require some manual labor and thought is a cheaper – and in some
Man and woman flirting at a Christmas gathering.

Breaking the ice – How to talk to a woman in any situation

Is there a hidden secret to breaking the ice in the dating sphere? If you have self-confidence and a good sense of what constitutes sexual harassment, not really. So before you plunk down money for that dating self-help book, here’s how to talk to a woman without seeming like a creepy stalker with a Selena

Massachusetts man saves to pay off debt with pennies

Reports have hit the newswires that Thomas Daigle of Massachusetts, saved up to pay debt with pennies, paying off his mortgage with the coppers. He isn’t the first person to pay off a debt with large amounts of the coin, but not everyone will take bulk amounts of the bothersome coins. Who would not pay
Baby Boomers

Fewer inheritances as cost of retirement rises

According to a pair of recent studies, more and more people approaching retirement age are ill-prepared for it. Many are not even aware of the true costs that lay ahead of them. As a consequence, the tradition of leaving a financial legacy for you children is rapidly becoming a quaint custom of the past. Fewer

Costco mortgage program going strong

Earlier this year, warehouse club retailer Costco announced that it was moving a pilot program offering mortgages to members up to full-time status. The Costco mortgage program is still going strong and members have access to a fairly good mortgage lending program. Costco mortgage aisle, next to the cereal Some time ago, warehouse club chain

Linkables: Digital coupons embedded in your debit or credit card

If you love saving money with coupons but hate all the clipping, Linkable Networks and 24/7 Real Media have a service you’ll enjoy. It doesn’t even require a smartphone. Bankrate reports that a new service called Linkables embeds coupon savings directly onto a consumer’s debit or credit card. Saving money with Linkables digital coupons Linkables

More than $11 billion lost to alleged Medicare overbilling

Medicare is one of the single largest line-items in the national budget, with hundreds of billions being allocated to health care for our nation’s seniors. However, a recently released study suggests that doctors are engaging in Medicare overbilling, due to some taking advantage of deep federal pockets. Report suggests chronic Medicare overbilling According to SmartMoney
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PMN on Flickr – Join With Us & Share Our Photos

PMN homepage, a photo by PersonalMoneyNetwork on Flickr. PMN on Flickr – Match Financial is officially on Flickr. Stay tuned to see some of our incredible photos. PMN on Flickr We want to share our photos with you, give you the ability to share your photos with us, and just have fun with images. If