Perhaps we should allow teachers to carry guns

A teacher

In the wake of school shootings, maybe it’s time to allow teachers to carry guns. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Yet another instance of a mass shooting has occurred, this one all the more horrifying as it took place at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn. No one would like to see these things repeat themselves, but perhaps one suggestion might be to allow teachers to carry firearms.

Why not allow teachers to carry? We let pilots

For those that haven’t been following the news, a school shooting recently took place at Sandy Hook Elementary, an elementary school in Newtown, Conn. At the time of this writing, news outlets are reporting 28 dead, 20 of whom were students as is Adam Lanza, the shooter, according to ABC.

I don’t need to tell anyone that it’s tragic. No one needs to be told that. However, just as with the recent Clackamas mall shooting, the Jorvan Belfer shooting, the Aurora theater shooting and other incidents of violence, it’s become a platform for people to advocate for more gun control, believing that would make people safer.

I, however, have a different idea. Why not, legislatively, allow teachers to carry? Pilots can carry a firearm if they so chose; why not let teachers, if they wanted to?

A modest proposal

We’ve all heard the idea, whenever a shooting occurs, that “if someone there had a gun, they could have returned fire.” There’s an element of truth, so to allow teachers to carry isn’t too far gone.

Ever hear of police intervening in a shooting? For instance, in August, one Jeffrey Johnson went to a former employer’s office in New York City, according to the New York Post, and fatally shot a former colleague. Police, intervening immediately, fatally shot Johnson in return. Case in point; a person with a gun, in this case a cop, stopped someone with a gun by using their own.

However, the private citizen can’t always wait long enough for police to arrive. If the private citizen is armed, they can intervene themselves and sometimes, they do. In July, two would-be robbers burst into the Palm Internet Cafe in Ocala, Fla., according to NBC New York, only to be shot by the 71-year-old clerk. They survived and were taken into custody. In September, according to WXYZ7, a Detroit, Mich., ABC affiliate, an armed robber tried mugging another man – both are unnamed – in Detroit, in an attempt to steal the victim’s cell phone. The victim was armed and fatally shot his attacker.

Clearly the case exists

Granted, this is all anecdotal evidence in making a case to allow teachers to carry guns and of course there is a lot more to consider, but let’s be honest. Little will keep tragedies from occurring. Criminals can get guns if they are determined enough.

The Justice Department has even handed them out.

On the basis that private citizens have intervened with firearms, it is therefore possible that if teachers, administrators or even school janitors were to be allowed to and chose to carry a firearm, they could stop a school shooting in progress. A body count of 20 could be reduced to 2 or 3, or even 0. There’s a chance it could save lives. Why not take it?



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