Alternative ways to support a charity (Pt. 2)

Women giving bagged goods to a homeless man sitting  on a sidewalk.

Alternative ways to support a charity may involve things other than money. (Photo Credit: CC BY-SA/Ed Yourdon/Wikipedia)

There are alternative ways to support a charity that may never have occurred to you. Consider these options that involve giving your time, or even giving money in an unconventional way with which you may not have already been familiar. CLICK HERE if you missed the beginning of this article.

Alternative ways to support a charity No. 9 – Support your favorite charity via online social network

Raising awareness of a charity can sometimes be as valuable as actually donating your time and money. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or even Pinterest, the more you share amongst your friends, the greater the chances that interest in the charity will spread. There is strength in numbers that can provide greater assistance to your cause. Once you generate greatest interest in your charity of choice, you can then leverage the power of your contacts to actually organize charitable event of your own, complete with invites. Keep it local and make the message clear and simple. If you don’t make it clear what you need and how it will help others or the community at large, people will click the back arrow. Make sure that you don’t simply send a blanket invite to all the friends in your profile; the nature of your charitable event may not appeal to everyone. Target those that you believe would be most inclined to help.

Alternative ways to support a charity No. 10 – Give your stuff to charity

This sounds simple enough, but there’s a novel twist. Rather than selling your stuff for personal profit, donate your goods to organizations like Goodwill or Amvets. These organizations can reuse and re-purpose all kinds of items. Proceeds derived from resale are used to support the work of the individual charitable organizations. You can clear your living space and enjoy the benefit of tax deductions.

Alternative ways to support a charity No. 11 – Give to a organization block party/yard sale

Sometimes, community organizations will stage their own yard sales. The participation of volunteers – not only as sellers, but as donators – is essential to the success of any large-scale yard or block sale.

Alternative ways to support a charity No. 12 – Cash in the rewards

By saving box tops from cereal, using your bank card or reaching some other form of shopping milestone, you can help your favorite charity. Frequently, accumulated points can be cashed in for gifts and other benefits, so pay attention to the rewards catalog to see what you may be shooting for.

Alternative ways to support a charity No. 13 – Give your books to charity

If you have read those books and know that you aren’t going to read them again, consider giving your books to charity. Encouraging literacy is always a positive thing, and sometimes giving books is the only way that underprivileged young children can get new reading material.

Alternative ways to support a charity No. 14 – Put quality items on consignment

Take advantage of a donor program at your local consignment store. You may be able to designate that proceeds of sale be donated to charity. Figure out the identity of the charity ahead of time so you know that your money is well-spent.

Alternative ways to support a charity No. 15 – Go shopping

Sometimes, there are special shop-a-thons and shopping contests that donate money earned to charitable causes. Other times, you may decide simply to go shopping and take what you purchase directly to a charity center. The choice is yours.

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