Bain Capital helping to ruin radio is a reason not to vote Romney

Mitt Romney

One reason not to vote for Romney is because his former company, Bain Capital, owns Clear Channel, the radio conglomerate responsible for radio programming being so lousy. Photo Credit: Mark Taylor/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY

There may be many reasons to vote for and likewise against Mitt Romney, some involving his former company, Bain Capital. However, chief of their sins, worse than any layoffs or avoiding taxes, is that Bain owns Clear Channel, the radio chain, the people responsible for the terrible state of radio.

Bain Capital is partly to blame for lousy programming

Normally, I wouldn’t tell anyone how to vote. Granted, I’m a unreconstructed cynic that’s convinced it’s a rigged game and that voting makes little difference. Presidential candidates tell people what they want to hear to get votes and favor “special interests” with legislation, to pay back donations, once in office.

Bailouts, anyone?

Furthermore, more people vote for “American Idol” and the reasons why people choose candidates is sometimes ridiculous. A number of people voted for George W. Bush because they’d rather have a drink with him than Al Gore.

Then again, that’s understandable. I’d rather have a beer with a rabid polar bear that’s high on PCP, in heat, and brandishing a chainsaw than Al Gore. However, there is one reason I advise against voting for Mitt Romney, because he used to work for Bain Capital. The reason why is the Bain is part of the reason why radio sucks.

They own Clear Channel

Bain Capital, as fate would have it, are the owners of Clear Channel, the radio conglomerate that owns a great deal of radio stations, on both FM and AM. They are the people who decide what we get to listen to and they’ve settled on a formula, which is namely find what people like and just hit “repeat.”

Ever hear a song you like, but then it gets played so many times that you end up hating it, or the same songs over and over again? Clear Channel at work. They aren’t alone; that’s basically what radio does anymore, except for stations outside the pitiful excuse for rock radio, Top 40 and country. Those stations will play the most obscure cuts of jazz and classical music you can imagine, which no one will listen to.

Not his fault, but still

Granted, it isn’t Mitt Romney’s fault. Bain Capital acquired Clear Channel in 2006, according to the Washington Post, years after Romney left. By that time, he was governor of Massachusetts. Furthermore, radio has been getting ruined for years.

Clear Channel also, according to the Daily Kos, puts Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage and Glenn Beck on a lot of radio stations, essentially the volunteer propaganda wing of the Republican party.

To be fair, radio stations have to make money to survive, which involves playing what people like. That  attracts businesses paying for advertising, which pays for a radio station’s existence. However, a lot of people aren’t thrilled with how boring, safe and repetitive mainstream radio has become. Hence, the success of Pandora, Slacker, satellite radio and, since one can control the content, the iPod.


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