How buying art for cheap fits your life and budget

Oil on canvas painting Home, Sweet Home by Winslow Homer (1836-1910).

If you can find a reproduction of this at a yard sale, you’ve done well. (Photo Credit: Public Domain/Patrons’ Permanent Fund/Wikipedia)

Do you think that art has no place in your life? Have you considered the possibility that you lack intelligence or a soul? Or maybe a lack of money is the root cause. If so, here are some tips for buying art for cheap to spruce up your home décor and charm someone you’re trying to woo.

Buying art for cheap tip No. 1 – Look online

Trolling the Internet for original art is a worthwhile pursuit. Auction and general purpose websites like eBay and Craigslist are great for starters. However, there are other more specialized sites that can be useful when shopping for art.

  • Etsy: Think vintage or new art, made by artists from around the world. The search engine enables you to easily narrow your self to the artist medium you prefer, as well as subject matter and painting technique. It’s an art-lover’s dream, and you can find some good deals if you try.
  • ShopSCAD: This website specializes in jewelry, but drawings, paintings, photographs, prints and sculptures are also available. Extensive artist biographies help connect the shopper with the art. Many of the listings are affordable.
  • Thumbtack: How does original art starting at $19.99 sound? Search by color, artist, genre, size and subject. Subscribe to a newsletter in the process. Want a print framed? You can get that here, too.
  • Housing Works: An auction site, Housing Works sells art to help raise money for care of individuals with HIV and AIDS. Keep in mind that some of the art on this site is available for pickup only, and the company is located in Manhattan, New York. Always inquire as to whether something can be shipped before bidding.

Buying art for cheap tip No. 2 – Shop locally

If you prefer to see a piece of art up close and in person before you buy, then you’ll probably want to figure out where to go locally for buying art and related home décor.

  • Art schools: Where starving students sell their work.
  • Thrift stores: Look hard enough through the bins and you’re bound to find something nice to spruce up a room.
  • Estate sales/garage sales: Again, it takes some looking, but if you show up early and put on your art-sniffing goggles, you can make it happen.
  • Art festivals: These are great for finding exhibits by local artists looking to expand their customer base.
  • Coffee shops: Similarly, coffee shops also tend to feature local artists on a periodic basis. Look for the little card and you’ll typically see name of artist, name of work, price and phone number.



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