Cheap ways to get more flavored water in your life

A strawberry is dropped into a glass of water, sending a splash into the air.

Strawberries are a great idea for flavored water. (Photo Credit: CC BY/Abhijit Tembhekar/Wikipedia)

Organic life needs water to live, but unfortunately some human beings don’t care for the taste of the all-natural hydration beverage. This has spawned numerous products within the global beverage industry, including countless forms of expensive flavored water, whether it’s already bottled water or from an add-in flavor pouch. There are cheaper, much healthier ways to flavor water than with sugar and other chemicals, however. Leave the Vitamin Water on the store shelf so you can mix-and-match with these flavored water tips.

A dash of salt

If you think you need to buy expensive, packaged water drinks so that you can replace electrolytes, you’re wrong. The ions found in common table salt can do the job nicely. Add a little bit to your water and it helps your system absorb the liquid more quickly. Don’t go overboard with the salt, unless you like the taste of sea water. With just the right amount, however, your water will be great after a workout, as it will help to replace the salt that is lost through sweat.

A pinch of ginger

Add some zing to your glass of water with a pinch of ginger. It doesn’t take much, and it really perks things up if the taste of plain water isn’t your cup of tea. If you’re having a bout of the sinuses or are otherwise suffering from a cold, ginger in boiling water can clear up some of the phlegm.

Get a slice of the citrus

When it comes to vitamins, there are few foods better for an infusion than citrus fruits. Include a slice of orange for vitamin C or freeze citrus juice in ice cube trays and use them for flavor.

Go with the herbal remedy

Rather than buying special mint-flavored, packaged water, why not use a little mint in your plain old water? For aroma and flavor, crush some and put it in. If you have a favorite herb, give it a try in your glass of water. Mint, lemongrass and parsley are just a few examples. Just don’t overdo it; the key here is to want to continue drinking past the first sip.

Be a cool cucumber

High-class health spas put cucumber slices on client’s eyelids. Add some cucumber to a pitcher of water and you have quite a refreshing taste on your hands.

A bit of the old vino

So long as you don’t drown your water in this, wine can be an interesting mix-in. Try one part wine to ten parts water, suggests WiseBread. Fruit wines can add a sweetness, as can various syrupy liqueurs.

More conventional berries

Flavored water in the grocery or convenience store typically comes in a fruit flavor. Instead of buying that, however, it is cheaper to crush up some blueberries or strawberries, then mix them into the water. Distinct flavors, vitamins and antioxidants await you.

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No fish, no chips, but do try the vinegar

Much like adding citrus to your drinking water, adding vinegar produces a sour taste and adds a great deal of vitamin C. You want a vinegar that isn’t oily, so avoid such things as balsamic vinegar. Something clear like apple vinegar can work smashingly.


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