Cold War Propaganda Redux, American Style

It seems a new Red Scare has emerged with Russian-American tensions nearly returning to the hateful simmer of years gone by. With a new Cold war comes new Cold War propaganda, on both sides.

New Cold War Means New Cold War Propaganda

Is there a new Cold War? A lot of people think so, such as this article in The Nation, another on CNN, and so on. According to Bloomberg, Russian Prime Minister Dimitry Medvedev has said a new Cold War is essentially on the horizon. His boss, President Vladimir Putin, has rubbished the idea, according to Russia Today.

A new Cold War will mean new Cold War propaganda. It’s not exactly anything new for either side. One amusing recently-declassified trick by US propagandists was, according to McClatchy DC, to smuggle the novel “Dr. Zhivago” INTO Russia after Soviet authorities banned it for being too anti-communist.

Russia wasn’t the only target of western propaganda, but both sides engaged in numerous hijinks and fun was had by all except maybe for the poor schlubs that had to live under these regimes.

Same dogs, same tricks

The New York Times reports new Cold War propaganda being disseminated through Russian media channels as well as the blogosphere concerning this Ukraine business.

NATO is no stranger to pro-Western propaganda; aside from their previous Cold War shenanigans, they’ve been at it again. NATO is reportedly disseminating anti-Russian propaganda according to, according to an article on BoilingFrogsPost, and both sides have accused the other of propagandizing, according to a recent article on Bloomberg.

The American media is duly keeping pace. An op-ed in The Nation observes that American newspapers such as the New York Times and the Washington Post are frequently running anti-Russian smear pieces. McClatchy DC noted the same. A Global Research article recently panned mainstream American media coverage for stating the American government’s interests in the Ukraine crisis in print and on television; the list goes on.

Can’t trust either side

A lot of foreign affairs reporting is going to be new Cold War propaganda and from both. The American media isn’t trustworthy, because it generally takes the government’s side in what it prints or broadcasts. The Russian media isn’t trustworthy because it takes the government’s side in what it prints or broadcasts. Neither can be trusted as far as they can be thrown.

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