Cheap and healthy cucumber recipes for summer

Close-up of many cucumbers.

Cucumber can be your summer recipe friend. (Photo Credit: CC BY-SA/Thamizhpparithi Maari/Wikipedia)

When summer comes, most people end up looking for something cool to eat or drink. Consider the cucumber. It’s crisp and cool, but more importantly, it’s highly versatile. Enjoy these cheap and healthy cucumber recipes.

Ditch the chips

Potato chips – particularly those that aren’t baked – are loaded with fat and carbs. Slice up some cucumber and use them in your favorite dip instead of chips.

Talking Thai

A Thai cucumber salad works as a great side dish at a summer party. It’s light, and it goes great with rice and entrees involving grilled meat.

Don’t forget the sandwiches

Another light summer meal option is cucumber sandwiches. Crunchy, tasty and refreshing are qualities that even the most finicky eaters tend to like.

Cucumber mousse

Class it up without spending gourmet bucks by making cucumber mousse. It won’t cost much at all.

Shave and eat – the shavings

Cucumber skin can be shaved off and re-purposed as noodles. With a little bit of seasoning, you have a very low-carb, pasta-like experience that is bound to promote conversation on your styling meal choices.

Bake and stuff

Did you know that baking a cucumber and stuffing it with cheese actually works? Numerous recipes online say that it’s so.

Relish the summer

Chop up your cucumbers of choice and you can buck the paradigm when it comes to what you’ll serve with grilled fish or chicken breast. It will be unexpected, but oh so simple.

Cucumber jelly

Cream cheese and cucumber jelly on croissants? Yes, it’s possible. It’s something cool to try, and the jelly will work with a variety of meal choices.

Cocktails, anyone?

Cucumbers can break the sweet and syrupy mold at your summer cocktail party. Fresh herbs and a cucumber wedge can do wonders, even in beer, notes WiseBread.

Post-cocktail recovery

While we’re on the topic of alcohol indulgence, cucumbers can also be used to make eye cream. If they’re puffy and swollen after a night of debauchery, give those peepers soothing cucumber relief. Works as a restorative face mask, too.

The aftermath drink

Need a healthy drink that won’t upset your stomach after that night you can’t remember? Cucumber smoothies are great for warm weather, and they will replenish the body. Adjust the amount of sugar depending upon your hangover/sweet tooth needs.

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