Most Financial Institutions Do Not Offer Payday Loans

Financial Institutions ans Payday Loans

Your bank likely can’t offer payday loans. Photo by taberandrew/Flickr.

There is a good reason a traditional bank or credit union doesn’t offer payday loans. Many people have wondered why it is that a small loan for a short period of time is solely the province of payday lenders. Banks and credit unions steer clear of the practice. There are good reasons why payday loans will never be offered by traditional institutions.

Typical institutions do not offer payday loans

A lot of people have observed that while you can visit any payday loan store for a loan until payday, a similar loan is not available at a bank or credit union. It turns out there are some very good reasons for that. Firstly, banks and credit unions have to shield themselves against risk. Most people who use payday loans when they need to borrow money do repay them, but the limited documentation needed is less than the average bank or credit union is willing to accept. Part of bank underwriting criteria is normally to perform a check of credit scores, which a person who needs quick cash doesn’t have the time to wait for.

Studies prove they can’t

Banks and credit unions cannot afford to offer a loan until payday, the way a cash advance or payday loan lender does. It isn’t profitable enough for them, and a bank’s first priority is usually the shareholders. A study by Victor Stango revealed that not only were credit unions not able to offer lower prices on payday products and break even or profit, they were also hampered by not having hours or locations as convenient as payday lenders. The same study revealed only 6 percent of National Credit Union Association members offered a similar product.

Reformers should not hold their breath

It is not likely that banks or credit unions will offer a loan until payday anytime soon. They have status as institutions, which leads many to think they are safe. However, the credit cards and overdraft policies many have makes them anything but. You can read more in the Payday Loan Facts and Statistics Report on Personal Money Market.

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