How to make a haunted house without spending a bundle

A bloody frightening dude at a haunted house.

Even without bloody ghouls, your do-it-yourself haunted house can be a real scream. (CC BY/daveiam/Flickr)

Halloween is almost here, and you’re running out of options for ways to show your neighbors that you have spirit and a sense for the macabre. Scare your neighbors with these do-it-yourself ideas for how to make a haunted house!

How to make a haunted house tip No. 1 – Plan a path

Shape and direct the attention of those who would approach your haunted house of a home this Halloween. If a potential victim doesn’t know where to look, they’re bound to miss something you worked hard to create. As such, limit where your hauntings occur, such as within a garage or a single outdoor structure, so people don’t get lost. Plus, don’t set up a haunted house inside your home, as people will wet themselves. Nobody wants to sop that up.

How to make a haunted house tip No. 2 – Spin the spooky

There must be a soundtrack to your night of horror, so fire up the CD or MP3 player. Scary sound effects, horror film soundtracks or a combination of the two are sure to do the trick. Make sure the sound system is near where the haunted festivities are to occur.

How to make a haunted house tip No. 3 – Make your own props

Sure, it’s easy to go to the Spirit Halloween Superstore and purchase haunted house decorations like tombstones and coffins. But you can still do it yourself with Styrofoam and paint, or large boxes. Stuff old clothes with cotton or old socks to make dead bodies, too.

How to make a haunted house tip No. 4 – Invite the dark

In order to darken your haunted house, cover the walls with black paper or even black trash bags. If you have old velvet curtains, even better. The darker and more eerie you can go, the better.

How to make a haunted house tip No. 5 – Use a fog machine

If you want to go really creepy, rent or buy a fog machine. Hidden behind a wall or other obstruction so that victims can’t touch the dry ice, a fog machine can add a great deal of atmosphere to the frightening assembly.

How to make a haunted house tip No. 6 – Dim the lights

Keep lights low in this pit of eternal darkness. Have just enough so people can get in and out safely. Black lights are a great addition, as are red and purple, depending upon the contents of a room. If you have a strobe light and want to paint the room in a black-and-white checkerboard pattern, you’re cooking with hypnotic gas. If you wear checker-boarded clothing and paint your face, bonus points. If trampolines are involved and you’re feeling daring, make it happen.

How to make a haunted house tip No. 7 – Create dark shadows

I’m not talking Barnabas Collins, here, even though he is a vampire. Use lampshades and other light blockers to cast stark shadows around the room. This can be accomplished with cardboard, budget-conscious fright-meisters! If you have lawn torches, they’ll help cast shadows around the yard, too. Just make sure they’re out of reach of young hands.

How to make a haunted house tip No. 8 – Keep flashlights handy

You know how to use a flashlight under your chin to give your face some spooky mood lighting. Do it when you welcome guests to your haunted house. Who cares if it’s corny? Along similar lines, use spotlights to highlight any cotton spiderwebs you’ve spun in your yard.

How to make a haunted house – Last helpful hints

If this is your first time hosting a haunted house, don’t go crazy with props. Use a few small, effective techniques for scares. People will appreciate the effort, and won’t trip on your endless array of assembled ghouls. Over time, build your fright repertoire and practice arranging it in a way that doesn’t present a hazard for visitors. When you hang stuff in the yard or inside your haunted house, try to use dark thread so it doesn’t clearly show and look tacky. As if Halloween decorations could be tacky…

How to make a haunted house

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