How to make money with your bicycle

A bicycle with a basket.

Use that bicycle to make money today! (Photo Credit: CC BY-SA/Working bicycle/Wikipedia)

Riding a bicycle is good exercise and a much cheaper form of transportation than a car. But did you know that there are ways to make money with your bicycle? Try using your bicycle for profit and observe the state of your finances at year’s end.

Make money as a courier

This niche job works best in communities where there is a particular need, i.e. areas where the currently existing courier service does not serve the community efficiently. Recognize what local businesses could benefit the most from a bicycle delivery service and pursue. Network and form relationships. In urban centers, the success of a bicycle courier business is more likely, as gridlock can limit the speed of cars.

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Lead groups of tourists

If you’ve ever been a tourist in a place with roads, you know that bicycles can be a fine way of getting around. But what if you don’t know where you’re going? You should hire a tour guide.

Tourists will pay for people who know their way around a popular vacation locale. Thus, if you live in one of these areas, be it Hawaii, the Mexican Riviera or the streets of Paris, you are no doubt familiar with the most scenic locations, as well as the history of the region. If not, hit the books, find a bicycle shop with which to form a partnership and start advertising your services. Excite tourists with routes that go far off the beaten path.

Deliver meals on wheels

Whether you work for an urban charitable organization, a restaurant or your own lunch catering business, having a bicycle is a great asset. Office workers need sustenance, and they don’t always have time to leave the office to get it. Swoop in with your food delivery service and rake in the cash. Social media is a great way to hype your service. Once you become established, you can begin to expand your service to regular delivery. If you’re working for a restaurant, the brand name that keeps you employed is already in place.

Bicycle repair man, you’re a hero

Most people think they have to bring their bicycle into the shop for repairs. But what if they’re out in the country and the tire goes flat? That’s where you come in, because you’ve realized the potential of becoming a traveling bicycle repair person. With a backpack and basket, you can carry a basic assortment of tools. With a smartphone, you can get in touch with potential customers and keep business data organized. It’s like AAA for bicycles, and you – the knowledgeable bicycle repair ace – are the perfect person for the job.

Fly your bicycle for free


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Buck$ome Boomer

Dangerous Intersection

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