6 easy ways to reduce home insurance Costs


Replacing your lock with a more secure locking system can reduce your home insurance costs. Image: Flickr / mccaughan / CC-BY-SA

Everyone wants to reduce home insurance costs, especially when a mortgage is already expensive enough. There are some simple ways to reduce home insurance costs, from $50 one-day projects to extensive remodeling options.

1 – Upgrade your locks

Installing a deadbolt on your doors where there were not previously deadbolts can cut the cost of your home insurance. If you already have deadbolts on your doors, replacing the lock with a higher security system, such as electronic, keycode or biometric locks could reduce the cost of your home insurance. Check with your insurance provider to confirm this before you make any significant changes.

2 – Prepare for fire

Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers in your home can reduce the cost of your home insurance and protect your belongings in the case of a fire. Properly installed smoke detectors and fire extinguishers should be checked at least once a year to make sure they are working within specifications.

3 – Install a security system

Security systems are generally mildly expensive but can cut a chunk off your home insurance. Some home insurance companies will also partially subsidize the cost of home security systems. Not only do security systems keep your home more secure, many are directly wired into a phone or internet system that will alert emergency crews in the case of fire or break-in.

4- Upgrade the wiring

In older homes, wiring is often not up to current code. Use a licensed contractor to upgrade the electrical wiring and bring it in line with building codes in your city or county. Not only will your home be more energy-efficient, you will be able to ask for a larger reduction in the cost of your homeowner’s insurance because it is less dangerous.

5 – Bundle up to reduce home insurance

Home insurance companies will often offer personal, property, vehicle and other types of insurance in addition to home insurance. If you run all of your insurance through the same company, you will often get a discount on the total cost of your insurance. Call and get a quote on all of your insurance from all of the companies you currently use.

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6 – Repair your credit

Many home insurance providers will adjust the cost of your home insurance on the basis of your credit score. Take the time to pay your bills on time, utilize your credit in a smart way, and build or rebuild your credit score. Once you have confirmed that your score has improved, ask your insurance company to re-quote your insurance cost.


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