City of Santa Monica spot on in Christmas display ban

Nativity scene

Because religious and irreligous groups can't grow up and get along, Santa Monica has banned all Christmas displays on public property. Photo Credit: Frettie/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY-SA

The city of Santa Monica, Calif., has taken a brave stance in the perpetual “war on Christmas” phenomenon. The devout and the skeptics have shown themselves as being utterly incapable of getting along, so the city has canceled all Christmas displays.

Coal destined for stockings

Every year, a huge amount of news coverage is broadcast concerning a conflict between Christians, who want religious materials displayed honoring their faith, and atheists, who want materials displayed demonstrating their lack thereof. Most city and state governments do their level-headed best to accommodate both interests, by allowing both to put up said displays, whatever they may be.

Naturally, both groups bicker and controversies arise. However, the city of Santa Monica, according to the Daily Mail, has had it and is employing a “nuclear option” because neither group will be content with being graciously allowed to display their message to the community.

Down in Palisades Park

According to KTLA, a CW network affiliate in Los Angeles, the city of Santa Monica allocates its Palisades Park as the area for Christmas displays. Prior to 2011, a group had to apply and upon being granted permission, could set up a display there. Nativity scenes were common, as previous years had at least 14 of them, often stretching for two blocks in length. However, an abnormally large number of applications forced the city to move to a lottery system and more atheist and skeptic organizations won spots than religious groups. Only three nativity scenes were extant.

This caused a community outcry and bickering between the groups, so the city was forced to do the only sensible thing: canceling all displays. Palisades Park will no longer be allocated for use as a site for displaying Christmas messages of any kind, from any group of any belief or non-belief. Even portraits of the Flying Spaghetti Monster will be a thing of the pasta.

Everyone actually loses

A number of atheist and skeptic organizations, according to the Huffington Post, consider it a “win” in that it means no religious displays on public property, but it’s really more of a loss. It demonstrates two things: first, a lot of people are knuckleheads and second, a lot of people have too much time on their hands.

The sensible thing would be for religious and irreligious alike to figure out how to tolerate each other. What one person believes is not necessarily what another does and if their belief bothers you, keep it to yourself. Tolerance is supposed to be a core American virtue; the fact that these groups couldn’t just get along signifies how immature both sides are.

Furthermore, none of these fights over Christmas displays actually keep anyone from celebrating or not celebrating Christmas in their homes, a fact curiously omitted by the news media. Something else that gets left out is that if a person has the time and actually cares enough to get involved in one of these brouhahas after everything that is usually going on in a person’s life like raising kids, keeping the rent or mortgage paid, careers, personal relationships and so forth…they need a hobby.


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