Save money on Easter fun with these ideas

A collection of chocolate Easter eggs, wrapped individually in colored foil.

If you must buy these for Easter, buy in bulk. (Photo Credit: CC BY-SA/Lotus Head/Wikipedia)

Easter is coming Sunday, and that means there will be colored eggs, gift baskets, candy, egg hunts and family meals aplenty. Unfortunately, the associated costs can add up fast. Why not try these cheap ideas for Easter?

Make an Easter bunny cake

Making an Easter bunny cake can take the place of countless bags of generic Easter candy – even those Cadbury crème eggs. Make two round cakes for the bunny face, and decorate them with string licorice for whiskers, gumdrops for nose and eyes and pink frosting for the ears. Shaved coconut is great for fur. It’ll taste better than store-bought candy and cost less in the long run.

Get Easter basket stuff at the dollar store

Don’t pay too much for Easter baskets, grass, candy and toys. Shopping at the dollar store is the only way to go. Jump ropes, flash cards, colored pencils and more are great for smaller ones. Older kids may like craft supplies, nail polish, pencil cases or gardening gear.

DIY Spa gifts

Make massage oil with rosemary from your garden. Lavender is also great for a variety of personal care gifts such as lotion, shower mist or even a linens spray.

Don’t forget egg decoration

Natural dyes like beet juice and the juice of various other fruits and vegetables can be used to dye Easter eggs. If you have a juicer, it’s easy. It’s cheaper and all-natural, unlike the chemical paints available in a standard Easter egg coloring kit. Plus, it’s a timeless activity that even the youngest children can enjoy.

Buy candy in bulk

If you’re buying for multiple children, it pays to go big. Buying bulk candy packs – or bulk packs of stickers, chalk, small toys, whatever – makes a great deal of financial sense, and it’s good for future birthdays and holidays.

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Host family brunch or tea

Easter dinner, particularly at a restaurant, is expensive. A brunch or afternoon tea hosted in your home is much less expensive, and you can provide whatever you can afford. Instead of a large ham, consider making quiche in order to make your meat go further, suggests Financial Highway. Muffins and other baked treats go well with tea, too. Consider setting up a tea bar so that guests can serve themselves. The Easter gathering will practically take care of itself.


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