Tips for surviving a breakup without spending a ton

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Take heart. Surviving a breakup isn’t easy, but it can be done. (Photo Credit: CC BY/Rob/Wikipedia)

Surviving a breakup is difficult. Sometimes, the feelings of anger, confusion and desperation can lead the dumped into bad habits of excessive comfort spending. In order to treat yourself well during the aftermath of a broken relationship and still maintain your budget, here are some tips for how to survive a breakup without spending too much.

Surviving a breakup tip No. 1 – Delete ex from social media

If you’re a regular user of Facebook, Twitter and the like, you need to do yourself a favor and remove your ex from your list of online friends. The constant reminder will slow the healing process, if not derail it entirely. If possible, ask them to block you so that you won’t be tempted to stalk them, or perhaps buy lots of expensive liquor to dull the pain.

Surviving a breakup tip No. 2 – Reconnect with friends

One of the most important things you can do after a broken relationship is to remain social with your old friends. They’ll help you take your mind off your troubles as best they can, and keep you from pounding down gallons of ice cream and blowing both your budget and your diet.

Surviving a breakup tip No. 3 – Reconnect in your community

Not only is it important to reconnect with friends when you’re feeling down, it can also be therapeutic to get involved in neighborhood activities. Fairs, yard sales, parties and even volunteer opportunities working with the less fortunate are all good ways to make a difference and remain too busy to wallow in sadness.

Surviving a breakup tip No. 4 – Work harder

Whether you’re a meat and potatoes type or you have a creative job, rededicate yourself to performing at your best. If you can throw yourself into your work, you have another outlet through which your hard work can bear visible fruit. It’s a good distraction overall, one that can afford you many opportunities to feel proud of yourself.

Surviving a breakup tip No. 5 – Learn a new skill or hobby

Whether it’s a sport, craft or other endeavor, putting your mind to the test through practice and achievement give you much less time to concentrate on impulse spending. You can further develop a skill you already have, or start learning something new. The choice is yours, but the latter is even better for your brain health.

Surviving a breakup tip No. 6 – Exercise

Exercise creates energy, which in turn equates to stress relief. Run, walk, join a gym, do situps and pushups, swim – whatever it takes. If you’re in a gym that offers classes in various exercise disciplines and even has a sauna, all the better. And on a related note, relaxation techniques like meditation and self-hypnosis can help you find peace.

Surviving a breakup tip No. 7 – Adopt a pet

If you’ve been in the market for a new pet, there’s no time like the present. It doesn’t have to be big, but if you devote yourself to caring for your new friend, your loneliness will be a thing of the past. Fluffy animals you can pet are ideal.

Surviving a breakup tip No. 8 – Seek therapy

If none of the above work for you, save the money you would have spent on self-medicating food and gifts and pay a licensed professional counselor. Your employee health plan may include some complimentary sessions, so check in to that first. If not, use your health insurance or pay out of pocket for the help you need.


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