Three Reasons To Say No To Mitt Romney In 2016

It’s easy to come up with three reasons not to vote for Mitt Romney in 2016, should he run. Naturally he’s vacillating about whether he will, but if he should, there are some pretty good reasons why not.

Romney in 2016 would be more of the same

Among the reasons to not vote for Romney in 2016 – or any year – is that Romney would just be more of the same, especially in regard to economic policy. He favored cutting entitlements, so long as they weren’t corporate. He supported Wall Street bailouts, according to Forbes, while decrying the auto bailouts as “crony capitalism,” which is hypocritical; if you want to do something about crony capitalism you don’t pick and choose a sector to excise it from and you especially don’t say it’s OK for the sector that created the recession in the first place.

According to ABC, he admonished the Occupy Wall Street protesters for decrying the banking industry for the decline of the middle class – and it is largely responsible! In short, the goal is to make sure the wealthiest of the wealthy keep riding the gravy train. Another “trickle down” adherent is NOT what the nation needs.

Social policy

Romney in 2016 would basically mean the same old neo-con religious social policy, meaning shoving “family values” down everyone’s throats either with law or the bully pulpit. This is an already ancient axe that has been ground down to the nub. The government is the last group qualified to say anything about any moral goods whatsoever.

Idiotic ideas like opposing marijuana legalization even for medicinal purposes, according to the New York Daily News, and abstinence-only education, according to the New York Times, are what we’d be in for. Everyone knows people are having sex out of wedlock; apparently this clown thinks it’s a good idea to spend government money to tell people not to have sex until they get married, whereupon they’ll continue to not have sex!
There are REAL problems in this country. Weed is not one of them. Aborti

on is not one of them. None of the bogeymen raised by the Christian right are. We need serious leadership. Pandering to the Moral Majority is not serious, and should not be taken seriously.

Over there

After Obama leaves office there will have been 16 years of neo-con foreign policy and that is enough. Obama isn’t doing anything about the Ukraine, Romney wheedled recently – so what? An idiot could point out the options are doing nothing, passing sanctions, or war with Russia and the last one never works out well. Ask Napoleon and Hitler.

He also wasn’t terribly keen on cutting defense spending. The United States has a bad war habit. The Vietnam War torpedoed the Bretton Woods system and every president since Reagan has been raiding Social Security and borrowing to finance military activities. Our government is the largest military spender on earth, out spending the nine next largest countries combined.  Someone worth voting for would point that out, which is another good reason to say no to Romney in 2016.

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